The world of Entao is much like a German fairy tale placed within the Black Forest. Large forests with small town/city countries, rampant monsters and danger abound; cause it’s d&d, and that’s how we do brah.

So Kingdoms of Entao known to the PCs are:
Regifield: A town that is a magic trading hub based on the low if nonexistent restrictions on them unlike most areas.
Isandel: A closed off theocracy whose entire goal is to destroy hell and demonkind.
Dutchy of Elsie-Raj: Gnome ruled state that is at war with the forest Nature Priest and Fey

Outsiders in the world ( Planes)
There are no outsiders in this world as they cant travel to Entao, yet still the heavenly and hellish forces can affect the mortal world. The cleaver creatures use mortals as conduits for possession, both can only enter into one if a deal is struck and the mortal said yes. Beware as the outsiders are inhuman and don’t always understand or care what you want in the deal.

Religion is broken into four major types the faith of the old gods, the new gods of Mother Eva, demon worshipers and nature priests.
Old Gods:
The old gods are still worshiped in some parts of the world. Mostly by families who have worshipped them for generations.
New Gods:
The new gods have spread amongst the mortal races quickly because of the healing and organization they bring to the community they are in.
Demon Worshipers:
People who worship the fallen and idealize the strength and will they represent. Hated by the old gods.
Nature Priests:
Druids who care not for the wars of heaven and hell. Caring only for nature and its guardians, the fey.

Heathen Gods: Gods that are worshiped by random town or areas. Many think these gods are false yet if they have clerics, the clerics do receive spells.

The old gods are loosing portions of their faithful to the new gods of Mother Eva. Though this is occurring the old and new gods don’t seem to fight one another at all mostly leaving each other alone. The old gods however hate the demons and the hell they come from trying to strike each dead on site with no questions asked. The nature priests attack all whom try and disrupt the natural landscape no matter the side, though there are roomers that the demon worshipers are left alone and the old gods faith are attacked on sight.



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