Demon Worshipers

Demon worshipers praise the fallen for the way they rebelled against the old gods and created hell. The reasons that people say they did this are numerous and different as the people that there are. Some of the similarities between all the stories are that the leader of the fallen is Arrechiel the most beautiful of all the angels, and that Hell was created by the fallen as a parody of Heaven. The old gods all try to kill fallen worshipers as mandate if they find them. Unlike gods demons do not supply their followers with power, it comes from the person themselves. This means that the person can cast any spell they wish but if they dont hold true to their beliefs even for a second they will lose all of their power. most clerics look to one of the leaders of Hell as a role model they wish to emulate, some of the more common one are:

Arrechiel: Leader of the fallen, the strongest and wisest of all the angel.

Castiel: The weeping angel, Prince of Hell who keeps balance by doing evil if their is to much good and good if to evil.

Nariel: Lord of overabundance and ecstasy, Visor of Hell

Ticel: Baron of the riot, lord of fighting and blood madness (rage)

Domiel: The Lion of Earth

Demon Worshipers

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